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3 raisons pour mettre l’agriculture au cœur des négociations climatiques #COP28

At COP 28, governments committed themselves to transforming food systems. However, for the moment, no concrete action plan has been drawn up. In this video, the Coalition Against Hunger gives you 3 reasons why food systems should be at the heart of the COP.

We Can’t Eat Promises!

Over 20 organisations and hundreds of people took to the streets of Brussels. The demonstration urged EU decision-makers to deliver on the Green Deal commitments and step up ambition after the 2024 EU elections. Protestors made it clear: the movement for #GoodFoodGoodFarming is here to stay!


At a time when hunger is on the increase and Belgian investment to combat it is falling, let’s call on Belgium to finally honour its long-standing commitment to allocate 15% of international aid to the fight against hunger.